The Art of the Clone

When it comes to cloning its all about patience. You can check your tray daily for roots, but they wont grow just by looking at them. Everyone has their own style, but this is what we like to do. In our experience we have done a few methods. 1- Rockwool and or Peet Pods. Cut your mothers, dip your stems, plug and wait. 2- Cut and Plant. The good old cut and stick in dirt method. 3- Clone machines including misting aerating water. I have seen all these work, and to each their won method, but the style that works the best for us has been #3, using a cloning machine. Why? Well first off you don’t need “cloning gel”, hormones, or anything fancy to get your roots going. All you need is water, and a plug. Its really that easy. Cut, drop in, fill up with water, wait 10-14 days and poof…. ROOTS! Hahaha it couldn’t be much easier.



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