Males Vs Female Vs Hermi

Its sometimes tough to tell, but when you figure it out, its almost second nature. Keep your focused around the nods and joints of the plant. This is where the sex is shown. Give the plant 25-30 days and sometimes longer to show sex in vegetative growth. What you will look for is two identifying features. Male = Grape-like clusters which later develop into little flowers with pollen sacks. Female = a single ball like extrusion with two, and sometimes 3 white hairs. Some plants show both sexes and this is called a Hermaphrodite plant or commonly known as “hermi”. This plant has well developed female flowers, and male pollen sacks. This plant was stressed from defoliation and  this type of treatment can cause a plant to show both sexes. Be careful when you mess with your plants. Doing so could cause unwanted pollen spread leading to seed ridden female flowers. If you see male pollen sacks developing we suggest you remove the plant from your flower room. You can either choose to fight the “de-pollen” battle or destroy the plant. It is possible to remove pollen sacks and continue with flowering, but you will inevitably find seeds and always be looking for those dude sacks. Whichever you choose, choose wisely and always be on the look out. Hermi’s can pop up from genetics, stress, and even light stress.


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