Welcome to the BeanTown_GreenTown official info site!

We are happy you came to visit and we appreciate hearing from you. We are strong believers in community and wealth of information.

What we post is what we have learned and continue to trip over along the way. We have been practicing the art of cannabis cultivation for over two decades, and four decades combined. The funny thing is we still are learning and we realize that we don’t, and will never know everything. We encourage you as a visitor to challenge us, and our fans with what you know and what you have learned. We are not afraid of criticism and we encourage you to suggest everything that you feel anyone can learn from.

In the same flip of the coin, please be respectful and courteous to everyone. There will be many people talking here, so be patient and realize everyone may not know as much as you, and some may know more. acknowledge that and be humble.

Thanks- BTGT


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