Breeding. Popping the Cannabis Cherry. 

So Doc Torfire has some experience with this type of sexual encounter but I don’t. For me this is new territory. Haha, kind of like my first time mating with a real girl. Ok, take that wherever you want. But honestly it’s a new venture for me. It fascinates me to no end. Ideally I would pick two of my favorite strains and breed them… but to get going I’m taking what comes my way by pure luck. 

So here we go down the nerd highway of cannabis lovemaking. I happen to stubble across some Raspberry Kush bag seeds a buddy gave me. The ratio of male to female in this bundle was 4:1 so male plants were available quite regularly. The first few I chopped and discarded and then I became more interested in the process. I kept one, bagged it and a buddy said “just let it pollenate in the bag and it will produce pollen everywhere” and then I figured sure, I’ll just use that. 

Well after a couple weeks I opened the bag and found a molded nasty sack of shit basically. I compare it to a hooker going down on a homeless wart infested puss giant of a human. Sorry about that but you get the picture. Maybe. So fail once I did. When I flowered my most recent set of Raz seeds I got one robust male. This was the “Rico Suave” of the crew. Brilliant color, stalky limbs, and vigorous growth. Basically the type of hunk that the horny Newbury Street house wives would have come fix their “plumbing”. So in the common cannabis paraphrasing we had a keeper. 

At this stage of the game I have this dude under the same light cycle… 12/12 same time of day as the other flowering females where he was excommunicated from, and he stands alone in a separate room far from the ladies. Right now he is in full Dirk Diggler mode letting his man juice out by the gallon. I keep an eye on the pig and watch him go nuts… literaly all over the place. That place just so happens to be in a half cut contractor bag with a 2 foot T5 set up keeping him going. I’ve been feeding him straight water and things are moving along nicely. When the plant completes his thing, I’ll update the post with the results. Till then, have a happy wet dream. ​


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