Are Girl Scout Cookies really Alltime?

Growing up in Boston in the 90s we got used to strains like Northern Lights, Cali Orange, Skunk #1, and Durban Poison. Each of these strains has their own unique characteristics that makes them some of the all-time greats. Every time I come across one of these All-Time greats or a new strain that is an All-Time in my opinion, I like to say a little something about it. So recently I’ve come across some really nice Girl Scout Cookies, the platinum phenotype and I really do think that they are all they’re cracked up to be. Recently I searched online to try to find an accurate description of the taste of Girl Scout Cookies and none of the descriptions were descriptive enough for my likings so I thought I do my own.

These GSC are grown locally and beautifully. So Its one of my first times getting some bomb Girl Scout Cookies and I am very satisfied with the strain. They are covered in crystals, dense calyxes, and have a sweet, earth, spicy, skunk, funk. The high is relaxing and cerebral. The taste is a very nice hybrid mix. With the earthy musty flavor of the Durban blending perfectly with the skunkier OG Kush leaving a spicy cinnamon sugar skunk thing in the front of my mouth and tip of my toung. These are cured perfect, have a delicate, silky smoke, and burn to a white ash. GSC receives an ALLTIME rating from Beantown Greentown:)



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