What in Gods Name is Winterized Hash Oil?

 The hunt for the elusive nectar.

Growing up on the east coast in the nineties we didn’t come across lots of high quality hash oil. We could get our hands on some typical Afghan, Temple Ball, and Morroccan Hash that was pretty good. It wasn’t until I was 20 years old and took a trip with a group of friends to Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, that I first encountered this elusive substance. 

We were hiking in the backcountry to access some trees known as the CBC or Canadian Backcountry. That’s when we came across this guy so we started chillin and he started rolling a bone and he asks us to join him. As he was just about to lick the paper that’s when I saw the golden vile. He had a glass vile with some beautiful golden honey oil in it and he started dripping it on the paper. 

Needless to say, the ride down was epic. Virgin snow, perfect trees, and the honey oil was just icing on the cake. After that though, when we went home, I never saw honey oil again for another 10 years.

Now that I’m a medical patient and have access to all sorts of oils, I thought I’d take the time to educate myself a little. Im by no means an expert but I figured I’d share what I learned for anyone interested.

Honey Oil is a winterized and filtered hash oil.

Winterization is the process of removing fats and waxes from hash oil. This is done buy emulsifying crude hash oil in ethanol and then distilling the ethanol leaving a cleaner product. Winterization is used in the making of salad dressing so that when you put it in the fridge the oil will not congeal. When the waxes and fats are removed from the hash oil it has the same effect, that at low temperatures that hash oil will not congeal. So I guess thats why the honey oil in BC all those years ago was still a honey consistency at the top of a frigid mountain:)

While we are left with a cleaner product, the distillation process does not preserve the terpenes as well as butane would. BHO has better preserved terpenes because the temperature required to purge the ethanol is higher than the butane so some of the terpenoids evaporate.



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