What do I do if my cat eats my weed?

A while back a friend of mine’s dog got into about two grams of BHO. The dog was a 5 pound yorkie mix puppy. Now for all you animal activists out there, I am an animal lover and this was a complete accident. Obviously, it was not our intention for the dog to ingest the BHO. We came home and there was shredded parchment on the ground. So what to do? 
First thing we did was find the dog. It was really the the cutest little dog and the poor thing was absolutely horrified. Since the BHO hadn’t even been decarboxylated or so I thought, that ingesting it couldn’t even have affected a person or a dog. Well I’m not sure how that works because this dog was tweaking for sure. The dog was overly hyper and was running around as fast as it could with no rest. I thought it would for sure have a heart attack. I read that animals don’t die from weed toxicity but I was still scared. So I call poison control. Then when we were on our way to the Animal Hospital, the dog started to chill. As the dog calmed down we gave her water and food and disaster was over-rated. The only thing is I’m pretty sure she ate more than normal:)

Funny not funny. 

So I wake up this morning and I’m looking at my cat and it just made me think of that time, so I thought I’d do a little piece on it for anyone else that’s interested or curious. First off, it is never a good idea to give any animal any substance not intended for them. I wish I could say I didn’t ever get a dog stoned when I was 15 years old, but I can’t. At least now I know that giving an animal wees is a foolish thing to do. 

If you suspect your pet has ingested any sort of substance that’s not normal for them then you should immediately call poison control. 

With that being said I hear some people think their animals enjoy weed. So I’m not here to tell anyone how to raise their animals, especially because I have not seen any studies that conclusively show that marijuana is harmful to animals. However, I’m just sharing an experience that scared the shit out of me for this dog I love.

So while ingesting weed may not be fatal and its arguable if its even harmful to pets, the experience can be scary for the animal and the owner. 

Another time when I was around 16, a friend got his dog so baked that he could not move. He thought it was funny at first until the dog just stared off incapacitated for 2 hours. That’s not cool! If you don’t agree with me and you insist on giving your pet bud, then at least do it responsibility. It’s all fun and games until you put your pet into a catatonic state then cry and poop your pants cause you think its gonna die:)

If you are reading this and are in the predicament that your animal is in a major bone zone, then call poison control immediately and bring your animal to the hospital. Good news is its mostly likely gonna be ok. While ingesting weed has not proven to be fatal to pets but there is always a chance your pet is suffering from other complications. Better safe than sorry.

Any and all of these situations can be avoided by securing weed and any other hazards and not burning down with ya pets♡ 



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