How does a coat hanger help you grow bigger plants? We will show you.

So most of the time people are amazed at the size of our plants. We get people asking all the time… “how do you get them so big and bushy?” Truth is, it boils down to a few simple ingredients. Walk through this with us and we will help you grow bigger plants too!

So to start, everyone seems to be in a rush to grow weed! Haha it’s like the plant can’t grow fast enough for us to smoke it.

1- First pointer is slow down and enjoy the process. Growing bigger better plants starts here. If you rush it, yeah you’ll have nugs to smoke in 10-12 weeks, but if you slow down and do it right you’ll have a SHITLOAD more!

2- Pick a 5-10-15 gallon pot to start with. The old saying goes “bigger roots, bigger fruits”. It’s so true. Choose wisely.

With the laws being more and more regulated on home grows and numbers of plants why would you grow less… grow more on one plant and reap the benefits.

3- Plant seeds directly into big pot. Some people grow in 1/2 gallons, or 1 gallon pots and then transplant. Fuck that bullshit! Germinate your seed and pop that bitch into 15 gallons asap.

The lesson is learned from the tap root. After the plant germinates it sends a “tap” root straight down as far as it can go. Suggestion for smaller pots is make sure you have at least 4-6 inches of soil depth. This tap root is the basis for your plants life. Growth speed, height, vigor, and overall potential come from this initial plant rooting. Go big or go home.

4- Plant training 101. We start ours early. After the 3rd or 4th plant nod we already begin to mess with the plant. Yes, this will slow growth some but, as the plant sets more roots and grows its fastest, we feel this is the perfect time to get it use to being tortured a little. We’ve experimented with many different techniques and ways to get the plant to bush out but we believe LST (low stress training) is best for encouraging multi top growth. LST is simple and as easy as this coat hanger trick.

That’s what you want… as many colas and tops as possible. Sure you can grow massive center colas with tons of little side Grenade nugs, … but what if you could have 20-30-50 massive colas? You can.

5- Coat Hanger. So why a coat hanger… well for one everyone has them. Two, why not? Quick lesson in early LST. A. Find coat hanger B. Cut coat hanger in 5 places. C. Bend tip to wrap stalk D. Put in place.

Note* this technique is good for the first few weeks of plant life. When they get big enough to pull the metal from the soil we suggest using tie down wire.

The thing we like about this technique is the pieces are reusable. You can use them from plant to plant. You can also use tomato cage metal. Tomato cages are thicker, tougher to snap, but help as your plants get bigger and stronger. You can also make them longer if needed for bigger plants. Ultimately it’s a early stage tech tip that you can modify as your plants get bigger.

6- FIM / Topping: so these two tech tips will take some testing on your part. And don’t be afraid to mess with your plants. Too many people we work with are scared to death of touching, snipping, ripping, bending and altering their plants. Get over it, and just do it! FIM = “fuck I missed” which came from an old school grower who attempted to TOP the plant but missed and snipped just the middle section of the top most growth. If he “topped” correctly he would have got the whole top growth and we would never know what FIM’n was. This technique stuns the upward growth of the plant. It sends signals to the lower branches to “catch up”. Combine this technique with a bent over main stalk and you will create many main cola branches. Once those branches all become equal in height, FIM them and bend them over… BOOM. You will have X amount more branches. Follow this technique for a couple months and you will get massive bushy plants. If you choose to TOP just pinch the top growth off just above the node section. Be careful not to pinch off the two branches growing from the edge of the leaf and stalk area. Those two branches are the continuation of your upward growth. Instead of one main stalk you get two. Do it again in two more nods and you get 4 main tops. Bend that over and see what happens!

This White Widow plant was topped and she grew three main branches. We like to call these rare breed mutants. We hunt for them to clone and grow more of because they are rare. More branches + more roots is a recipe for success!

7- Light. Your plants will only grow with as much light as you can give them. To encourage lower growth we suggest more bending and super cropping. We will get into super cropping in another article. But basically pinch your branches until they lose vertical strength and bend over naturally. DONT CRUSH AND SNAP. Rather smoosh slightly, just enough to let the plant bend naturally. And if you happen to crush snap or break… fuck it, you’re learning… and your plant will survive. Sometimes we remove branches that just get in the way of light. Some snaps and crushed branches take more energy to heal and recover then it’s worth it. Hey- cut if off and drop it in a pot. Maybe you will be a natural clone machine. 🙂

Growing for size vs speed takes patience and constant maintenance. It’s a battle between bending over, tie downs, FIM’n just a the right time, topping when you need to, and encouraging branches to shoot up. In the end we feel it’s worth it. And when the laws say you can only grow six plants… we say bring it on!

Happy growing!



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