Your space is your sanctuary.

We treat our plants like we treat ourselves. We feel that your grow space should be a direct reflection of your product. Shitty closet = shitty moldy weed. Now don’t get us wrong either, we know (mostly because we have done it ourselves) it is possible to grow anywhere under any conditions. But, we also beg to ask the question; if your space is that much cleaner, bigger, ventilated, reflected, drained, humidity and time controlled, can you reap a better product? We like to think so.

In our quest to help the average grower get set up and running we pride ourselves in our work. We will analyze a location, acknowledge the growers needs, tweak the environment, and get the most bag for the buck out of any given space. We don’t care if your trying to grow in a shoe box or in a warehouse, we can help you figure it out. Let us know if you would like our help.

Moving on. We have been helping people get up and running for over a year now. Set up closets, built out basements, and dedicated entire rooms to making grows affordable, and productive. Whats important is what is inside. Its the environment that grows the plant, not you. True it will be you that waters and feeds. It will be you that transplants and relocates. It will be you that ultimately dictates when it grows and when it flowers. BUT, besides all that ask yourself, where is the air coming form that feeds this plant? What is my water source say about my product; taste, smell, yield? Am I giving it everything it really needs? These are the solutions we have been perfecting for years.

Here is a couple things we think will help you started. 

  • Pick a good zone. Find a place that has access to ventilation. We suggest pulling air from a temp controlled space and exhausting outside. 
  • Pick your lights. Go standard HPS/MH or go new school LED. Either way your plants will grow but don’t stress on this too much. If you want to invest, go high end LED or go budget with some bulb choices.
  • Make sure you have ventilation. Key for all living organisms is abundance of Co2 or O2. The more Co2 you can introduce to your plants the better. 
  • With ventilation comes filters. When you flower, things will get stinky! Make sure if you grow in a apartment or community where the smell may tip someone off, make sure that you use a solid exhaust fan with a carbon filter! This is a must for scent control.
  • Water. Most likely you have water that can feed your plants, but when you get into it you will find that Ph control will help you out tremendously. Buy a $7 dollar Ph kit and adjust your water as needed.
  • Drying. Depending on what and how much you grow you will want to figure out where you are going to dry your plants. When I first started I grew veg, flower, and dried everything in the same place. 125-30 days later I had smokeable product. Whatever you do please don’t microwave or try to speed dry the process with heat… it’s simply not worth it to grow your plants for that long to ruin everything precious about them 2 yards from the goal. 
  • Now most important we feel is beans (seeds) and clones. Where will you start? You can start with bag seed like I did. But take into consideration the gene type of that plant. You have no idea where it came from. It could be the worst pot you ever smoked. Do you want to grow that? Think about it… because so many people don’t. Find reliable seeds from a friend, buy online, or find a source for bug free clones. After all you don’t want to spend 4 months to grow something you could buy for $50 bucks. 
  • Time. Growing is a huge task. Your plants could need more care then your wife, and that gets interesting. Believe me. Start slow with one or two and see if it’s something worth your time and energy. You’ll thank us later for that tip.

So that’s the sort run of it. For more info feel free to post comments and questions. And if you live in New England and want some help getting started hit us up. 

Happy farming! 



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