GIRL SCOUT COOKIES the gods gift pheno. 

  1. Girl scout cookies.  The gods gift pheno is what we’re calling it. So, as a caregiver, I thought it would be a good thing to look into this strain,  having never touched, smelled, tasted or even come across it until lately. When I first heard the hype, I thought it was the same as every other strain that’s been called the best ever.  White widow , gdp , the real sour d , mass super skunk  (funny and thought-inducing story I’ll tell another time) and all the other greats.  They were awesome. But never did I jump back and say, “Holy moly that is amazing!” Well I decided to buy some genetics.  I knew the original Durban poison cut,  clone only girl scouts would be nearly impossible to find . You come across a lot of people who claim to have a plant from the original plant. 99 out of 100 are probably full of crap and just saying it . I bought 10 seeds. All girl scouts from bc bud depot. They have been a solid breeder throughout the years with stuff the caliber of God bud.  All 10 seeds grew completely or near-completely different plants.  All the genetics of this remake showing themselves in what I assume was a group of plants , that at most were probably second generation.  No uniformity. All ten were nice plants.  There was 3 standouts.  All had the same smell , like fruity pebbles or some delicious candy mixed with chocolate and mint.  It’s a smell I’d never ever come across in the 300 some odd strains I’ve grown in the last 20 years. Really surprised me.  I looked one day and realized I had the most amazing pheno ever and that I would go to any length to keep it going. So I revegetated it . I put her back under 18 hours light and fed her some strong growth food to get her the energy she’d need to grow back into the most amazing plant ever. This plant is bushy , better than average yielder. The smell, the taste, the look draw people in. No matter where they’re from, I can’t imagine anyone not liking this strain.  Crystals all over.  The buds get this rounding off look and it’s a fast flowering plant.  Now comes the journey to keep this plant and self it to create feminized seeds.  We’ll grow out a clone and then use colloidal silver to pop male flowers.  We want to self this plant because we want the best chance of these qualities being the ones that stay with us. And we’ll keep going at it . Grow after grow till we perfect the gods gift pheno of gsc…Photo is one of the ehhhhhh. Phenos we received. Didn’t really care for it.
  2. God’s gift pheno is covered in crystals.       ( GGP . The winner right here. )
  3. Here is a whole plant picture.  In a 15 gallons smart pot using all veganic nutrients this plant grows large and bushy with big fat juicy colas .    (gods gift pheno..girl scout cookies) 
  4. The beantown greentown guys have this pheno on hand now. I’m quite sure it’s gonna stay around for a while. I’m sure we’ll hear club members talking about this one very soon.  This and some other really awesome strains , like starfighters original limited alien genetics. Click link to be lead back to Web page where you can sign up for your social club membership.
  5. Thanks guys
  6. I can be reached at

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