The law in mass. Know it .so you don’t lose em when you grow it.  

So I was hanging in my yard and had two medical plants..whoop whoop whoop whoop was the sound I heard. I knew what it was they come over all the time. But that’s just because there’s Logan near by right.  And downtown. Helicopters are a common sight.  But this one sounded too close, too whoompy if ya know what I mean.  Next I heard was an air horn from the sky. 

Oh no the grey and blue staties helicopter was hovering above my neighbors close enough to fast rope.  There was a door man.  Full battle rattle hanging out the side getting my attention. When we made eye contact he pointed at my plants and kinda said no no with the hand across throat then pointed to his eyes.  Hmmmmm fuck they’re coming. And even though I’m medical and a caregiver,  they’re still gonna embarrass me in front of all the neighbors. So he points to his eyes then back to the plants then his eyes and hand across the throat. 

I sat on the front porch waiting for the inevitable.  But.  It never came. Silence, no sirens no embaressment.  So I ran off to home Depot. I got green fence and I covered the plants and hid them well.  You could tell they were covered but that wasn’t the point.   So the next day I hear it again. Whoomp whomp whoomp, air horn air horn. So I run out back and the same helicopter is there same guy hanging out the side . He looks at me points at his eyes and then back at the plants covered now.  Then back at his eyes and gives me a thumbs up.   The helicopter flies off and all I can think is am I dreaming.  Did I just get a thumbs up from a cool ass statie in a chopper  ????   Yes I did and it told me , go read the law and see what’s up.  That’s when I found out its legal to grow outdoors in mass but if they can see em with binoculars or from the sky they’re coming to take em.  

Not everyone knows the law. There’s a lot of grey area. So I’m going to compile a list of them and how law is supposed to deal with us as growers and our babies. The last thing anyone needs is a door kick because you didn’t understand the law. See you soon I’ll be posting the law for all to understand.  Peace 



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