Beantown_Greentowns latest grows 

Hey guys and gals this is doc fire.  Just thought I’d share out latest grow results.  So this time around I decided to bring a large plant from seed to smoke in deep water culture.

Deep water culture. Water filled bucket with air stones running. Oxygen to the roots all the time and nutrients available to the roots , makes for 3 x faster growth.  That’s not a scientific method I used to find that number it just grows so much faster. 

1 bucket -holds water and nutrients and roots 

2 – air stones and air pump.  Keeps the water oxygenated. 

3 net pot – a top to the 5 gallon dwc rez..or whatever size you want. Bigger rez bigger plants . 

This plant is a star 47.  Ak47 x sensi star 

this plant is the first seed dropped when the law changed. Now I love dwc so much I may have have one going at all times.  The following pics are the first seed we dropped after nov..she’s in a brute trash barrel with 5 airstones.

We quite possibly reached the 2 maybe 3 pound plant this round. Hit us up. Talk to us and we’ll help you get here.  That’s what the club is all about -Dr fire, beantown_greentown @our website where you can sign up for the club. 

A nice cola , one of a couple hundred on this plant.

Peace.  Dr fire.  BTGT


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