Public Service Announcement

Believe it or not, smoking weed is a privilege and through the fucked ways of our society it IS NOT a GIVEN RIGHT (yet). So as you sit on your couch and rip a bong hit watching Ted 2, remember this, enjoy responsibly. Keep your edibles locked up from children’s’ reach. Store your 9 types of “headies” away in the cabinet. Don’t use cannabis and drive. Respect the fact that things are changing for the better. Things have not always been so kind to us potheads. I remember being chased from the cops planting gardens in the Boston metro area, and dodging MBTA police on the tracks behind Westie commuter rail station. I grew up in a world where the only seed I could get was from Amsterdam or Britsh Columbia coming over the border stuffed into my shoes. We say this to you because we helped pioneer this world. We risked it all to grow our meds vs living in a jail cell. Some of those pioneers are not so fortunate. So, consider yourself lucky to be living in a world where a joint is as close as Dunkin Donuts, and your local gardener can now teach you how to grow the best weed you have ever smoked. Whatever you do, please show concerted effort to not be a dumb ass and consume responsibly. – Thanks Dr Kind


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