Seed Vs Clone V1

We get asked all the time what we prefer and honestly we go both ways. Each tech and each side has its benefits. For one; a seed has vigorous and hearty growth. There is no delay in transplant, nor no potential shock much like a clone dropped in new soil. However if done right a clone could cut weeks off your initial vegetation growth calendar. This is also why the IVXX (420) Club exists. Another benefit is when growing “regular” seeds you don’t have to worry about a potential dude coming to the girl party. You can also be 100% guaranteed that the genetic make up would be an exact replica of the parent. Enough with the nerd talk, and now onto some Dr Kind science experimenting.


Oct 16th – These clones came into our hands on a Monday, and we also acquired the seeds on the same day.

Oct 17th – The clones were placed in new soil and potted in a 1 gallon tall square pot. I happen to be using a new soil called Sanctuary      for this experiment. Call it science test squared, because it is also a new medium experiment in a new environment as well. One of our favorite soils (SoHum) is unavailable to us at this moment.

Oct 21 st – This was the day that germination had begun and the seedling popped from the soil. The first cotyledon leaves spread and the seedling reached for the light. This was also the day that the clones showed signs of truly starting to root and thrive.  New growth had developed and the main stalk has now shown signs of green healthy new growth.

Oct 25th – The seedling now has 4 strong sets of leaves and  is thriving. The third set of serrated finger leaves have started to show themselves. The clones are now pushing into 3 sets of new fan leaves and branches have started to grow some extension.

Next steps are planning to LST (low stress train) the clones and start the bushing out process. Even at this young age and health we will start to mess with the plant. We believe earlier training can begin the more time the plant has to grow multiple tops. IN the end game you truly want to have a successful yield and doing so can be what makes of breaks your scale.

Growth at 9 days
Height health when Planted

Stay tuned as we bring you more and more growth updates from Seed Vs Clone.

  • Dr Kind



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