Seed Vs Clone V2

Hello Cannabis Community! This update is one week since our last update, and a lot has changed! For the last update see previous posting from October 25th.

Fact #1:  Seed = Life cycle is now 12 days (since first signs of life)

Fact #2: Clone = Life cycle 17 days (in my possession)

Oct 26th: Just after my last post I started my FIM and LST work with the clones.


When you decide its time to FIM, make sure the plant has steady growth and will not be too hurt by the pinching. Secondly spread apart the top most growth to expose the newest set of fan leaves. Thirdly, pinch that set of leaves about half way through. Notice in the pic above we do not “top” we simply cut 50-60% of the newest growth. This step usually comes 2-3 weeks in seed growth so the clone is leading in development thus far.

Once this was complete I bent the plant over and used common house hold items to begin my LST. Nothing fancy, just a twist tie and a paper clip.


Clones: The left pic is how they looked on Friday, and right is when I returned Monday.


Notice- The GG4 was too small for FIM & LST to begin, so I let it go for a while. I have since then done my FIM and LST to this one plant.

October 30th: Growth Updates

Growth Chart – Seeds: These Phantom Cookies have come to life. I left for a 3 day trip and came back to completely new-looking seedlings. They had sprouted out to the 3rd set of serrated leaves. At this stage I will begin to refer to the growth in terms of nodes. The first set of triple serrated leaves should sprout branches, adding to the bulk of my plant, but we’ll see about that.


Growth Charts – Clones; The clone growth is tracking with huge explosive growth. One clone, GG4 was slower to bounce back but now is thriving. The GG4 set back was about 4 days difference. The clone with the most explosive growth is the Louie XIII. She is now into developing 11 nodes of branches and steady growth through the FIM. This plant is crazy vigorous. In contrast to the seeds, this plant “could be”, ready for flower in another week or ten days. However, I will most likely take some cuttings off the plant to keep its genetics around, so that will delay the flower another week or so. All depending on when it’s ready of course. The DoSiDos clone is doing well, but still not as quick as the L-XIII.


Other Side notes:

#1 – I am starting to see roots pop through the bottom of these 1 gallon pots. To me that IMG_3857means root development is strong and steady. I will let them grow a bit more before I decide to transplant into 5 gallons. The general rule of thumb is “bigger the root, bigger the fruit!” A lot of growers start in 5 gallons right from seed. This is a good practice to get into and will help your growth down the line. I started in 1 gallons simply because of space and time. We will probably see slight shock when transplanting, but if done correctly, probably not much at all.

#2 – Another note is branch development in terms of strength and overall mass production. We believe the stronger the branch becomes the more load it will be able to hold. So, at this stage we begin to crush the lower ends of the


branches near the main stalk. Doing so turns the branch from delicate and fragile to stiff and woody. In nature this happens naturally due to wind, rain and other elements, but inside this little tech tips will help create some stability to your branches. HOW?- With your thumb and index finger lightly apply pressure to the branch until you feel the interior membrane crush gently. With everything this will take some practice until you get it, but it’s worth the early work for long term strength.

That’s it for now… Check back shortly for more details. – Dr Kind



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