Seed Vs Clone V3

So here we stand, 24 days into our mission. The main topic we are discussing with this side by side is which method of growing produces a better product. We are looking at both yields and time spent to produce, which happen to be two very important parts of the grow. In this post we are two steps closer to knowing that answer. First thing to note is the explosive growth on both the clone and seed development. Talking clones specifically, the vigor of these ladies is quite evident.

So to all you interested people please note: FACT #1 – You have a faster and fatter plant quicker, ready to flower within 24 days. I could flower these plants and be happy with the yield just after this stage (of course hoping all goes my way). On pure speculation, I could flower all three of these and possibly yield 3-4 ounces or more. However, I am one to push growth and maximize my space, so I will VEG ON! I am looking to possibly double the plant size, and double the bushiness creating more tops and more yield. Through this process I will also clone all these plants to save the genetics for future use. If you are interested in any three of these cuts let me know. Reply in the comments below and we will get back to you with availability.


Seed growth is very impressive. On day 17, the third set of fan leaves started to emerge, and on day 24 we see the fifth set of leaves booming. What impresses me most about seed growth is the main stalk growth.


Notice how this Phantom Cookies young plant is so healthy in its main stalk. What gets me every time I start a seed is this part of the veg growth. Check out the zone between the 2nd and 3th node and how thick and hearty this area has become. Its hard to see from this image but it is thicker and stronger than the actual base of the plant. Take note how the plant itself is leaning and trying to correct itself from its rapid growth.

IMG_3930From this point on the plant will correct itself, and the base of the plant will thicken and support the weight and growth of the plant. Also notice at the lower first branches on this plant. I will most likely remove these and consider the second node my base branches. This plant will get FIM’d (Fuck I Missed) soon.  To compare growth and eventual overall weight, I will FIM one and TOP (removing very top growth of plant) the other for additional comparison.

One thing that I am noticing with these two seeds is the early stretch and length of the plants. This is a tell-tale sign of male growth structure. Normally females tend to be more squat and compact in terms of growth between nodes. So FACT #1 indicates that CLONE over SEED is a better way to grow. If both of these plants turn out to be male, our discussion and end results may end a lot earlier then we expected. Stay tuned… indications of the sex of the plants will come within the next couple weeks of growth.

Other notes: Last week, I mentioned a technique that we practice when training our plants. I spoke directly about crushing the lower part of branches. This helps the branch become woody and support bigger yields. If you plan on trellising your growth, this technique is not necessary but for outdoor it does come in handy. Take a look at the before and after shot of these branches. See the wounded area and how it has mended the crushing by


ballooning a bit? On Day 17, the plant crushed easily between my fingers. On Day 24, I couldn’t crush this area even if I tried.

All in all, these plants are kicking ass and I am super happy with their lives to date. Next step will be preparing for cloning, bending branches over, increasing new secondary branch growth and letting the plant rest in preparation for flower.

Thanks for reading. If you like what you read please comment below. If you think you can do it better, please share. 🙂

Until next week,

Your Friendly Weird BTGT Scientist  – Dr Kind



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