Seed Vs Clone V4

Hello fellow growers and cannabis enthusiasts. This is another look at the Seed Vs Clone project we started last month. Its been 10 days and a lot has happened.

Some questions we wanted to answer are here: Does a clone produce faster? YES. Will you get more yield from a clone vs a seed? Yet to be determined, but outlook is YES, and noted faster as well. Quality of end product? TBD. This is our most important point, and to give you a complete end product update we are about 3-4 months away. But to hypothesize we can tell you this: if your cutting comes from a solid mother with good lineage, then most likely you will be happy with your results. However when you start from seed you are 100% in the dark with this answer. WHY? Well it boils down to the genetic make up of the plant and where your seeds actually came from. Every seed you pop will have different characteristics. Some maybe more on this side of the father, or this side of the mother plant. This is true just the same for humans. These days plants and genetics are so interwoven that its a roll of the dice. This process of finding the best seed and best plant is called the “Pheno Hunt”.  For many experienced growers its a process that takes years to find the right plant “phenotype”, and the hunt is painstaking. So next time you have a chance to grab a clone, do so. It will save you time and money, and you can be happy knowing that the growers liked the mother well enough to reproduce her potential.

We are just over one month into this experiment and we are seeing very explosive growth. Because of plant manipulation we have some set backs in terms of flowering time, but we are also increasing our yield potential to get the biggest bang for our buck.

Where does that leave us and this experiment? Well like all mad scientists, we are still waiting for that answer. Just a note –  these updates will start to become less frequent, but please stay in touch and tune-in as we finalize our details to this series of posts.


November 10th we transplanted the 1 gallon plastic pots into new 5 gallon fabric pots.

November 12th we topped one and bent over the other seedling, which are now young vibrant plants. (side experiment: Topping vs LST – low stress training)

11/12/17- We have also begun to LST our Clones starting with Louie XIII

11/14/17- LST – DoSiDos & GG4

11/22/17 – All the clones had super growth and were ready for us to take cutting of each.

11/24/17 – Plants are now in recovery from clone and will be placed in 12/12 soon.

In a true comparison we would flower both the clones, and the plants started from seed at the same time. However I am feeling like the yield from the seeds could be more if we waited a couple weeks. They do say, “its worth the wait”

Thanks for reading and following along.


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