Rock, Paper, Scissors… Seed Germination

We put it out there to see what you guys think and you will get the answer below. What is the best way to germinate? Just like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, this test is all about chance, luck and a little bit of growing skill. Do you prefer to plant a seed: Directly in soil? Wet paper towel? or Soaked in Water for 24 hours? IMG_4315We put those three techniques to a side – by – side – by – side test and got some interesting results. I, (DrKind), generally always start my process in a wet paper towel, while my biz partner Dr. Fire goes right in soil. We go back and forth in conversation about this one topic and discuss why and what works best, but until now, neither one of us has tested it. So I said, “why not?” I was recently sent a bunch of our special “BTGT” home grown genetics from a Gorilla Bomb father and a Raspberry Kush mom F1 strain we are calling MuttBomb. The seeds were all uniform in color, size and shape, all looking very healthy… nice work Dr. Fire! In starting this process I decided to just go about how I would do it, regardless of conditions. I kept the seeds indoors around 65 degrees and the soil plant outdoors in the sun. The days out here are 75-80, and the nights get down to mid 50’s but I do move the pots inside under a T5 at night so they can continue to veg longer.

To make a long story short, the end result was the soil broke ground first, followed by the paper towel, and the soaked seed in a glass took by far the longest. I do recognize that a few factors could have sped up the glass and the towel method. Maybe warmer conditions, maybe less or more water for the towel, or maybe less or more time in the glass could have changed the outcome. We will do another round to see. But for this first test, I am happy to say that the soil method did work the best. However, I do not prefer this method… why? I enjoy watching my seed crack. I like seeing the tap root sprout, and there is something about seeing and believing, vs dropping in the dark praying hoping. At the grower’s preference, you will choose your own method and I encourage you to all try this same side/side/side and share your results.

If you have any comments or info to share about personal experiences with germination, please share with your comments below.

Thanks for reading. – Dr Kind?


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