Our Visit to The Summit Lounge, Worcester MA

Recently Beantown_Greentown had the opportunity to host a party at the Summit Lounge in Worcester. For those who don’t know the Summit Lounge is a private 21+ Social Club. Their goal is to provide members a unique experience unlike any other they’ve come across before. This was the exact feeling I had upon walking in the door. Upon entering I was greeted by one of the owners who presented me with all the info about joining as well as a nice little tour. Right by the front door on the right are some nice tables and chairs in an open environment. Converse with any neighbors who may be sitting near you or do you own thing. As we walk further in on the right we have the concessions and pipes area. Here you can choose a pipe to rent, and if you like it enough you can purchase it. The glass case is also packed with all kinds of candies, rolling papers, lighters, and many other goodies you’ll need at a moment’s notice. Just across from this you’ll find a nice quite little lounge that feels like a quiet room at home. Along with a few seats there is a TV. I didn’t see any video game systems but plenty of TV’s around the place to connect. As we move back into the building we come across a couple of bathrooms and plenty of room to store coats and personal belongings. Before getting to the back there is one more room to the right with some high tables, a TV and a Foosball table for your enjoyment. The back room I feel is the nicest of the whole building. The room is lightly lit with a T-shaped bar in the middle, surrounded by some high tables, booths and couches. The whole feel of the room relaxes you, so you can get down to business.

The Summit Lounge will allow members to smoke on the premises. The consumption of cannabis and tobacco will be allowed at The Summit. They will also offer some of the finest tobacco products to its members which include cigars and hookah. Throughout each month the Summit will host Special Events which run from tastings from local breweries, cannabis plant nights, local artisan exhibits, game nights and live music. The Summit is truly a place with a chill atmosphere where you can socialize with friends, meet a new face or get high and simply relax.
If you’re interested in becoming a member at The Summit Lounge head over to their Membership Information Page for more information. The Summit also offers its venue for Rentals if you have the need for a social smoke session.  Beantown_Greentown had a fabulous time as we anxiously await our return!


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